A Faster and Cheaper Way to Locate Your Bond

Construction bonds can be hard to come by. That’s why ConstructionDisputes.com is here to help you acquire the necessary bond documents through our simplified bond acquisition and claim filing process.

Obtain Your Bond

Stay in Touch With Your Bonding Agent

Don’t just wait for contacts to get a hold of you. When you use our platform, you have direct contact with your bonding agent. You’ll be able to inquire about claims, bond information, notices and other key documents for the project.

  • View Files: Keep track of submitted files, and manage documents within the platform.
  • Contact: If you still need bond information or other documents, you can communicate with agents directly through the app.

Save Time on Finding and Managing Bonds

Don’t waste time finding your bond. Level the playing field by locating and managing your bonds through Construction Disputes. Enter bond holder information for several projects, and save time by managing each form in our platform so you can focus on your job while we find the information for you.

  • Verify: Keep track of all bond claims and forms that have been filed within the platform.
  • Receive Information: Manage your documents, and receive updates from the Construction Disputes team on bond information.

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