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How Do I File a Bond Claim Against a Contractor?

You’ve spent months putting in long hours on a construction project, but now, you aren’t receiving the compensation that you’re owed. It’s unfortunate, but it does happen. When this situation comes up, you’ll be happy that construction bonds exist. Construction bonds are a form of surety bond that ensures that every party involved with a project gets the payment they’re entitled to. If you find yourself not being paid for your labor, the next step should be to ask, “How do I file a claim against a contractor?”

Filing a bond claim against a contractor’s construction bond can seem overwhelming at first glance, but Construction Disputes is here to help. You can go through all of these steps yourself, or you can sign up with us and let us make it as easy as possible for you.

The Steps to Filing a Bond Claim Against a Contractor

  1. Send a Preliminary Notice: In many situations, you’ll be required to send a notice before you can actually move forward with filing a claim. This varies from state to state, but even when it’s not required, it’s not a bad idea to send one anyway. The notice will secure your right to actually make a claim on the bond. Some of these notices will have deadlines attached to them by state laws, so it’s important that you research how long you have to send yours out.
  2. Filing the Bond Claim: After you’ve sent your preliminary notice, the next step is to file the bond claim itself. To do this on your own, you’ll need to get the proper paperwork, make sure it’s filled out correctly, and submit it according to the rules of your state. It may seem rather straightforward at first glance, but differing state laws can complicate the matter and significantly increase the chances of making an error. When you work with, we’ll handle a lot of this for you: Just give us the basic information about your claim and we’ll generate the proper paperwork, notarize it for you, and send it by certified mail to the bonding company.
  3. Submit Supporting Materials to Bonding Company: Once you’ve officially filed your bond claim, the surety company responsible for the bond may reach out to you for supporting evidence and/or a sworn statement. Through our online platform, you can communicate directly with the surety company, and our digital document center can help you keep track of the important information and documents that you’re required to present.
  4. Follow Up With the Surety Company: This is the stage of the bond claim process that can take the longest. During this time, the surety company will contact the contractor and attempt to reach a resolution. Unfortunately, some contractors may avoid responding to the bonding company, which in turn slows down your claim. In order to keep your claim moving forward, make sure to follow up with the surety company regularly. This will keep the pressure on them to approve your claim. To help with this, can act as a communication hub for you to keep track of all of the exchanges between yourself and the bonding company.
  5. Collect Your Payment or Enforce Your Claim: If your bond claim is denied, then the last step would be to file a lawsuit against the surety company. This step should be treated as a last-ditch effort only; most cases shouldn’t come to this.

How Do I File a Claim Against a Contractor With Less Hassle?

The most straightforward way to deal with filing a construction bond claim is to let help. It only takes a few minutes of your time to file a bond claim with us! When you let us handle your bond claim, we’ll draw on decades of experience to calculate how much your claim is worth, generate the right claim documents for you, and submit the claim on your behalf. Then, we’ll stick by you through the process of claim processing and approval.

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Filing a bond claim against a contractor can be complicated, but with, it doesn’t have to be. With decades of knowledge and experience handling surety claims, we’re here to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve for your hard work. File your first bond claim today for free and find out how easy it can be to settle your construction dispute and get the money you earned quickly.

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