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Start Your Project the Right Way

In ten minutes, you can take control of your future with the Time Matrix. The Time Matrix is a tool that organizes the key requirements of your contract into a snapshot that all of your employees can understand and follow.

Don’t Lose Your Rights

Contracts require strict reporting and documentation deadlines. Know what they are at a glance to protect your interests and make sure both sides hold up their end of the deal.

Find Project Success Through Teamwork

Don’t struggle to communicate with your team. The Time Matrix organizes your team on one page in one location, making it easy to keep everyone updated on all of your contract requirements.

Be Productive in the Field and Office

Be productive on and off the field. With the Time Matrix, you no longer have to review a lengthy contract every time there is an issue. You’ll have everything at your fingertips.

How it Works

The Time Matrix collects important information, like relevant dates and milestones for your project, including information related to notice to owner, contractor lien, and bond deadlines. When using the Time Matrix to stay on top of reporting and deadlines, you’ll need to enter two key pieces of information for your project timeline.

  • Input relevant dates.
  • Add important deadlines.

Once you add the key dates and deadlines, the Time Matrix will automatically keep your team on track for your project, so you can focus on your work. In just a couple of quick steps, your team will be able to manage projects efficiently without wasting precious time.

How Does a Bond Timeline Work With the Time Matrix?

Bond claim deadlines tend to be intimidating and complicated for those new to the process. In order for your claim to succeed, you need to keep track of when your payment bond claim deadline began, the bond enforcement deadline, and several other crucial dates. To complicate matters even further, the state you work in can also have an effect on when your bond claim deadline began, when it expires, and the steps you need to follow for each claim.

Our Time Matrix tool takes all of the guesswork out of your bond claim process. By inputting all of the crucial dates and deadlines related to your project, you’ll have a clear and organized layout of all of the important matters pertaining to your bond claim.

For more information on the bond claim process and differing state laws on the subject, our resources can help you learn more. Wondering exactly how to calculate bond claim deadlines and what the Time Matrix can do to help? Schedule a call through our referral network of construction attorneys for advice so they can get you started today.